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    Default Smart Home Wiring

    Hi All,

    I am in the process of rewiring our new home and it is the ideal opportunity to pull all the necessary cables.

    I intend on pulling CAT 6 cable to each room and specifically to each TV point. The question is how many cables to run to each TV/projector? I would like to have a centralised Node for all AV equipment but the HDMI over CAT switches seem quite expensive. Is that the best option?

    I will also pull Coax to each TV location for freeview. Do I run 1 or more? Also what standard?

    I will also pull speaker cable for whole house audio using small amps and chromecast audio. Should i pull a cat 6 to speaker locations?

    I posted a long post before with no replies so hopefully breaking it down will get some replies.



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    Leo, Am sure you didn't want to hear about someone's patch cables ...

    I ran a whole set of Cat5e cables to each TV point a few years ago, expecting to be supporting a wide range of devices in the future. Actually, my wired network usage has gone down, the TVs have really fast WiFi, streaming devices like Chromecast don't use wired networks, so the industry seems to be heading in the opposite direction. My reduced usage isn't due to bandwidth limitations, Cat5e, when properly installed, handles about 600Mbps, which is more than enough.

    I don't distribute anything through HDMI cables, I have a low power PC alongside each TV and that connects to the TV using HDMI, but communication between the PCs is the only thing now using the wired network, and we very rarely use that now.

    The centralising of AV equipment seems to be an outdated idea nowadays, media storage is usually on the cloud, so comes into the home via your router, then goes to whichever device needs it, what would you have in a centralised facility when everything is being streamed in to the home on demand?

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