Is it just me

I got this Earlier in the Summer from Vesternet

"Vesternet Mondays 2017...
Throughout the summer we'll be running a series of Spectacular One-day Only flash sale events - starting Monday 26th June!

Pull yourself away from the summer sun for a short time when announced to save yourself a fortune on all the very latest kit for your smart home.

Vesternet Mondays give you some spectacular bargains that are never repeated - you won't want to miss them as once each product has appeared in a sale, that's it for the whole summer.

Each event will feature different products from our best selling brands for the past year - its like Black Friday but with more sun "

Now to me that clearly implies that its a once off and meant to encourage people to buy or you will miss out

But Now Vesternet are having a Monday sale stating all previous products included in the monday sales are being made available again at a discount so clearly the statement never to be repeated was misleading

This to me is a little sly I raised it with Vesternet but they disagree

Probably just a Grumpy Old Man Day