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Thread: Voxior - Control your Smart Home with Amazon Alexa

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    Lightbulb Voxior - Control your Smart Home with Amazon Alexa

    Voxior is a cloud service that connects Amazon Alexa accounts with a Smart Home Gateway such as the Gira HomeServer, Gira X1 or Loxone Miniserver. It uses the existing configuration on your gateway and automatically sets itself up.

    Through Voxior you can also manage which devices can be controlled with your voice and set the phrases required to control a particular device or scene.

    - Step 1: establish a connection between Loxone Miniserver and Voxior through a simple web interface on

    - Step 2: install Voxior Alexa Home Skill on your Amazon Alexa account and start device discovery.

    Voxior supports Gira HomeServer, Gira X1 and Loxone Miniserver Gateways with others in development.

    Start your free trial now and control your smart home with voice in 5 min.

    If you need assistance, just let our support team at know. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We will be more than happy to answer your questions.


    Product Development Assistant, Voxior Inc.


    We are consolidating all of our forum communication in a single thread: Voxior - New Features and Updates

    Please follow us there for news on development updates, plans, beta program announcements and product usage tips.

    As always, our team is happy to hear your input.

    The Voxior Team
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