I know this has been asked before & I know there are several work arounds, but just for the sake of continued pressure on Honeywell.... my parents who I installed & setup Evohome for have asked (& rolled their eyes at) having spent such money on the system, why are they not able to see what/when/why a zone is calling for heat & being able to track this from within Evohome.

Their Ideal Logic boiler shows graphs & data for everything from flow rate, to gas rate, pump speeds, temperatures etc etc - which has them now wanting to know the same from Evohome.

They are not massively tech-literate, but do see such an expensive/premium device as being a bit basic in being able to output genuinely useful data for why/when/how long the heating is being used.

I can't help but echo & agree that for such an expensive system - it is lacking some very 'smart' features!!