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    I have TV distributed round the house via co-ax cable and now need an additional TV where there is no co-ax already installed but there are three Cat5 cables unused?

    Can I use KAT5 to convert my TV signal from co-ax to CAT5 and then at the TV end, convert it back again? I'll still need to be able to view the five terrestial channels and Sky and 2 CCTV channels. Ideally, I'dlike to be able to use the Sky TVlink for IR control of the digibox?

    Am I too ambitious?


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    In a word, No.

    Basically Cat5e does not have the capacity to pass any of the UHF TV band.

    The way Kast5 and others do it is to pass the a single tv channel on its baseband format (composite, component or S Video) over the pairs.

    At the other end it will appear as an AV source rather than a tv channel.

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