Another not-really HA question from me, but I figure people here know their stuff!!

I'm about to buy a 12v sealed lead acid for some (additional) offgrid 12v lighting. The idea is a battery (in a box) some cabling and half a dozen 12v 4.5/5w LED bulbs for lighting stalls at an event where no electricity is available. The battery will be (solar) charged before the event when it's quite likely we'll use much of "what's in" the battery.

In between times, it will probably just get occasional charges and occasional use (single 5w bulb occasionally) -- ie back to trickle-charge type profile.

Because of the higher discharge expected for the event usage, shoudl I look for a "deep discharge" or would just 'standard' SLA be better overall - given that most of the year the battery will either be unused or have low level of trickle charge / small discharge ?

Or will it not really make much difference and I'm deliberating over something quite marginal?