My parents have an Evohome system installed, 4 Zones, DHW and gateway.

This morning they woke up to no heat, no hot water and solid red light on the wireless relay for DHW. The controller had lost comms with all 4 zones as well as the DHW sensor and a comms test to both the DHW relay and the heating demand relay failed.

Seems very strange.

I got dad to take the batteries out of the controller for a few minutes and reinsert them. On coming back up, it has synced with 2 of the 4 zones but still no comms with the DHW sensor or either BDR91.

I talked him through holding the button on the BDR91's down for 15 sec to remove binding, then re-binding them to the controller. This seemed to work, the boiler fired up and they got heat in the two rooms which had synced.

Just looking for opinions on what could have happened, and what the best way is to fix it? I would rather not have to resort to a factory reset and talk my aging parents through rebinding all devices by phone (I live hundreds of miles away).


Any help appreciated.