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Thread: Evohome Thermostat model variations?

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    How does one go about getting access to the customer-only section of the forum? When I registered, I had to input an order number, but am still not able to access?


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    Quote Originally Posted by The EVOHOME Shop View Post
    Maybe a little detail about us then -

    But, no we are not owned in anyway by Honeywell and the support we give is entirely off our own back. We are a family business and have small business values. I have a fairly decent skillset based on the fact I have been in the industry a long time and a good understanding for business.

    I am always looking to see how I can better the business, so always appreciate peoples feedback.
    Sorry to rekindle an older thread and be still off topic but I wanted to register here and give my feedback - it does make a positive difference to me certainly as whilst I have used Netatmo thermostats we have just moved into a listed property and want better (TRV level) control so moving to an evohome setup.

    Netatmo support has been frankly, woeful, so appreciate knowing that you might be able to help me, if necessary. Also it's nice to support family companies rather than the box-shifters. Anyone who used to have a local greengrocer or butcher will likely know the difference.

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