Just want to know if there is anyone on the forum who was previously using the Vaillant eBus controls before they moved over to Evohome and / or Opentherm? Did you disconnect all the Vaillant controls or do you still have them running in parallel. In my case I wasn't using the Vaillant Controls, I was using a standard Honeywell 2 channel timer and room stat. So before Opentherm, I just turned the room stat up to full and connected two BDRs in parallel to my Honeywell timer to control the HW and CH valves. That's it.

Changed things around a bit when I added OpenTherm via the VR33.

The Vaillant controls manual says that there should not be 2 room thermostats on the eBus but the VR33 manual said nothing about disconnecting any other thermostats from the bus. Hence my question. Can the VR33 be used along side a room controller e.g VRT360 or VRC400?