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Thread: evohome HCC80R. zone valve and/or mixing pump control?

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    Default evohome HCC80R. zone valve and/or mixing pump control?

    Hi all,

    Firstly thanks for registering me and allowing me to post.

    I've set up and been operating an Evohome system consisting of a colour Controller with wifi (10 zones) using 13 HR92s(across 8 zones) and a HCC80R(for 2 zones) for the past week. Everything is working great, including the link to the IOS app.

    I have a more general question concerning the UFH system set up.

    Currently I have the system set such that the HCC80R controls the UFH feed supply zone valve (4043), and of course the manifold actuators. The UFH mixing pump runs continuously, irrespective of the HCC80R demands. Currently the system works great and no complaints. House comfort is now orders of magnitude better, Evohome set up and operation was mostly straight forward (Assigning multiple HCC80R zones to a single evo controller zone took a little while!) , and judging by the boiler demand I would expect the bills to reduce.

    Since one room is large 70m2 (with 5 hydraulic circuits), my original thinking was that by keeping the ufh mixing pump running continuously it would better harmonise the temperature across the whole floor, even when there was no heat demand.

    However, what is usual practice ? would it be better to switch the pump on and off with the zone valve. The pump is practically silent so I guess the main advantage would be extended pump life ? The follow up question is assuming it is better to switch the pump on or off with the zone valve, should this be done by simply wiring the pump in parallel with the zone valve (e.g directly to the HCC80R pump take off as per the zone valve) or should it be done by using the the 4043 floating relay function.

    For info the complete UFH has a 7 port manifold with 5 ports( each with an actuator) feeding one large room and 2 ports/actuators feeding a smaller room. The evo home is set such that HCC80R zones 1 and 2 (the 5 actuator take offs for the large room) are controlled by one evo controller zone and zones 3,4 of the HCC80R (the 2 actuators for the small room) are controlled by another separate evocontroller zone. Temperature sensor is a YRF87.

    any advice / ideas



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    Get rid of the zone valve. Wire the pump into the Hcc80.
    Kind Regards - Dan Robinson (Jennings Heating Ltd)

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