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Thread: Any Smappee users out there?

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    Default Any Smappee users out there?

    Hi everyone.

    I have a Smappee home energy monitoring and control device, so far so good, really like it, but am looking to connect with others out there who might be more experienced than me.


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    You started this thread 3 years ago and nobody came in! I have recently installed Smappee and it is in its learning stage wrongly identifying some things, like telling the washing is on when it wasn’t, indeed nothing was on at that time. I assume there will be quite a period of learning. When I look at individual use - the circle broken up into hours - I see white areas which I assume is off, green areas and I am not sure what they mean for they appear when I know appliances are off and small black segments which I assume is when an appliance is on. Refrigerators are easy to identify except we have two and two freezers and it so far has not spotted this although it tells me I have 2 fridges but no way of knowing which is which. What though does the lighter green area indicate? Is there a reader out there who can jump in and advise?

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