I have always wanted a smart home, something that will make my life easier but also just because it is cool. So in the next couple of months I should be moving into my first home and now I have a chance to se up a Smart Home.

Being an apple boy, Homekit was the first idea I had but after having a look, the tech seems to be limited in the UK and expensive (when you need extra hubs and an apple tv to remotely control it). Instead I've seen Z-Wave but I dont know anything really about it, other than it's been around longer and there is more accessories.

Obviously buying a home is expensive so to begin with I'm going to start small and build up a system slowly. To start I'm thinking a simple system where when the front door is open the hall light is turned on in the evening. Or a motion sensor on the landing that turns the light on dimmed neither at night or in the morning. Then expand the system.

So my first question is what is will be better? My second is what happens about the light switches, can these be replaced so you can still use the wall switch without turning the smart features off?

Another thing I want to soon after moving in is set up a security system. Now a home alarm system is good but it's only useful if you are there so I will look at getting one installed but in the meantime I am thinking of some form of camera system that alerts me when it is triggered.

I really like the look of the Canary All in One, it can be connected to the power and ethernet (which really appeals to me), have an alarm and can monitor air quality and temp (for incase of a fire). It also looks great and would sit well in the living room without looking like a cam. However I would need a membership plan at an annual price and the Canary Flex (for outdoor) only connects via wifi.

Another option would be just a standard CCTV system with a DVR (?) box, that also have an app so I am notified when triggered and I can watch remotely. i know these systems will be cheaper, but they aren't as clever. I could do a mixture I suppose?

Can anyone help find the best system for me?