I'm looking for a dimmable lighting solution controllable from an app.

I have 9 lighting circuits in my lounge, which are a mix of 2-way etc.
All 9 circuits can be controlled by the entrance door.
The max circuit has 28 downrights with 5w bulbs (140w)
I have a SmartThings hub, and would rather not have to buy another control hub.

I was looking at the Varilight Powergrid which has a 9 gang grid
but the Eclique2 dimmer module only supports up to 100w.

I don't really want 9 separate single switches.

So I was thinking of just installing a tablet to make a touch screen control for all 9 circuits.

Any help would be appreciated on;

1. whether there are other solutions with physical switches that would look good, and support 2-way circuits.

2. assuming the idea above is OK, any options other than a Fibraro Dimmer 2 http://www.vesternet.com/catalogsear...=fibaro+dimmer

3. Any good apps that I could install on the tablet?
The Fibraro app looks good, but I assume it needs a Fibraro Control Centre.
ActiON https://community.smartthings.com/t/...les-click/8149 ?