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Thread: Drayton Wiser Smart Heating Controls Review Part 1 – Step by Step Installation

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    Default Drayton Wiser Smart Heating Controls Review Part 1 – Step by Step Installation

    The recent launch of the Drayton Wiser from Schneider Electric was the trigger for Automated Home reader Mark Boyle to bite the bullet and install a smart home heating control system.

    In part one of his review he shares the criteria that lead him to choose the Drayton Wiser, as well as taking us through the installation procedure…


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    I too have installed the drayton wiser system, it seems to work well - agree with your wish list !

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    It seems a lot of the wish list has been developed or is already supported now with the Wiser Heat system. I just recently installed a 2-channel Heat Hub to a Combo boiler (Vaillant EcoTec Plus). I wasn't sure at first if this would work but it works a treat, for Heating only (natch). I have 3 TRVs (bought one extra) and now I have multiple zones in my home, all for £190.

    With the additional features, IFTTT is supported and so is Google Home, so when my wife and I are out of the house "zone", it automatically puts the system on Away mode. There is a slight workaround, we have to use Life360, but we were already using it so no big deal for us. There are a lot more roadmap items on it too.

    It feels like in a world of Smart Heating units, Drayton Wiser gets overlooked, as it's not as "sexy" as the others (Nest, Hive, Tado, Honeywell), however, it is now just as feature rich and costs much less than the others. I personally love the Eco mode and it's adjustable. I hated the crappy old Myson wired mprt that was installed before (in a new build, no less. SMH...) but now I have an economic and cost effective smart heating system that does everything we need and more!

    Can I also say, their support has been truly amazing!

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    Glad it worked for you, I bought a while house setup when it was launched and it rarely worked.

    Support was useless.

    Took it all back for a refund and fitted evohome, haven't had to touch it once, it just works!.

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