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Thread: IFTTT problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruce_miranda View Post
    I hadn't realised that Life360 allows triggering of smart systems in the house, it seems to have then moved on from the f&f spying app it started off as.
    Btw how is the effect of either IFTTT OR anything else that uses your GPS location, on the phone's battery life. On my phone IFTTT appears to draw way too much battery for my comfort. Hence why I turned to using the WiFi network as my method to detect if I was home or not. My scripts run on my NAS and check if my mobile phone is on the network or not and then uses that to trigger the heating quick actions.
    On iOS, at least, geofencing is very light on the battery. It works a bit like the CS92! It checks your location relatively infrequently until it notices you moving towards or getting close to a geofence, and then it starts checking more frequently.

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    That probably explains my battery performance. I am rarely more than a mile away from home.

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