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Thread: EvoHome issues

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    I would seriously consider paying you to come to Lincolnshire to fit a new boiler when mine or my son's expires.

    It is mine and my family's recent experience that you are regrettably in a minority and that
    many so called tradesmen don't give a proverbial.

    Hence my somewhat jaded response which I am sure resonates with many others.


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    Precise location depending, we're not adverse to travelling.

    I can imagine how you feel, we see all sorts of abominations left by tradesmen (and DIY'ers). Today was a great case. 9 weeks to install (poorly) and expensive boiler that should have taken 5 days.

    Going to cost the customer £4k to put right when it would have been £2.5k at the time to do correctly first time round.
    Kind Regards - Dan Robinson (Jennings Heating Ltd)

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