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Thread: EvoHome Away feature - strange behaviour.

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    Default EvoHome Away feature - strange behaviour.

    I set the Away feature this morning as i'm working in and out of the house, therefore didn't want the heating coming on if it reached the lower set point (16oc). All zones went to the 15oc set point I have set for away mode and HW to off.

    I walked past the controller on it's idle screen to see one of the zones showing green and the rest blue as they should. On taping the screen the zone in question has still got the away symbol underneath however the set point is 16oc unlike the rest at 15oc.

    I haven't been in the room in question so it cannot have been manually overridden at the valve.

    Has anyone else seen this happen? I go away soon but the away feature defeats the object if it's going to ignore the 'away' temperature.

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    This happens a lot and not just on the Away mode. A lot of the quick actions have this issue where some zones don't get the Quick Action. But it's completely random.

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