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Thread: Moving from LightwaveRF to Zwave

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    Default Moving from LightwaveRF to Zwave

    Planning to migrate from LightwaveRF to Z-wave.
    LightwaveRF seem to be taking a lifetime to move forward and i am fed up waiting.

    So plan moving my home made control software over the the new protocol but seem to having problems finding out where i can get the API / Protocol info and maybe DLL's required.
    New the z-wave, but all seems to be locked away behind expensive SDK's and non disclosure agreements.

    Anybody done / tried this before or got any pointers where to look ?


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    I'm not sure why you need the API and DLLs as most scenario's can be catered for via the hub.

    Maybe the SmartThings help pages can help: h**ps:// (replace * with t)


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