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Thread: Opentherm and Economy (Quick Actions)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HenGus View Post
    Attachment 1128 it seems to me that an absence of less than 90 minutes militates against turning the heating down: slow efficiency heating uses less energy than a slow fall followed by a fast hot top up.
    You would need to show more of that graph beyond the period when the system raised the temperature of the circulating water, until the system settled back down into equilibrium. What matters is the total area under the graph in the two circumstances: (a) leaving it running with your house at normal temperature; and (b) reducing the temperature in the house for a period and thus reducing losses. But you need to compare the two with similar start and end points, i.e. with the circulating water at the equilibrium (normal) temperature. My guess is that you have a lot of stored energy in the system at the end of the graph you attached and you would recover that energy as your OT boiler pulls back the flow temperature. Can you post a couple of comparisons with similar start and finish points?

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    Something to think about:
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