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Thread: Two Zones Created Their Own Manual Timers

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    Quote Originally Posted by IM35461 View Post
    I trust a fix for this bug is also included in the new firmware being rolled out...
    I wouldn't hold your breath on that, the problem was first noted on this forum about a year ago (I'd have to check my original thread) and so far no fix. (at least not documented) It's also a problem that occurs so rarely that it's hard to even be sure whether it has been fixed or not.

    Unfortunately the nature of the problem means it will not be easy to fix - it's really the HR92's that need a firmware update to fix the problem "correctly", as it is a result of them sending out a periodic hourly set point update which to the controller looks like the user made a manual override. So if this happens in the small window of opportunity of at most about 3 minutes between when a schedule change occurs and the set point is actually sent to an HR92 you end up with the old set point appearing as a manual override.

    As far as we know HR92's are not firmware upgradeable. (Has anyone seen anything other than firmware 1.01 on their HR92 ?) So any fix is going to have to be applied in the controller and is therefore likely to be a workaround with drawbacks of its own.

    One possible workaround would be from the time a set point change is scheduled until that change is actually sent from the controller to HR92, for the controller to ignore any set point change coming from the HR92 trying to change the temperature back to the old set point. That is probably the best workaround but it means in very specific circumstances an actual user initiated override might be ignored.

    But that may be preferable to what we have now where rarely, and seemingly at random, a scheduled set point change (OR a manual set point change made by the user via the control panel or phone app) gets reverted so it looks like you made a manual override to the previous temperature even though you know for sure you set it to the correct new temperature. (No you're not going crazy, I've had this happen to me quite a number of times over the last year...)

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    Just to confirm, since taking the batteries out for a short period on the two zones and refitting the units (as you would with a battery change) that all has been well and no more phantom over-rides.

    Many thanks

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