A year or so ago I was at my local Yess electrical store, and they had a demo board of theses luxna app controlled downlights app worked great they had pir motion sensors that actually worked yet was only connected via the gateway ( mains operated no switch line)


Was told at time that both the pir and door sensor ( both worked lights on demo board) were not yet available in uk but would be in the very near future

I now have 80 of thes lights ( not in one room&#128522 And really want the convenience of he lights coming on when I walk in the room without touching switch.

Can I now get the pir units , nope , is the house already decorated and finished, yup, am I annoyed at Yess electrical

Yess say the pir never existed, even though the app still has pir linkage facility!!!!

So here's my questions at long last.

Has anyone else had experience of these lights.

Would anyone have some idea of what protocol the lights work at and if there is such a pir that will actually connnect to the wifi gateway


Have not started my home automation system yet, so anything is on the cards regardless with in limits of costs( once as I don't have to tell the wife I have to make holes is ceiling or lift carpets etc) just to let the lights turn on when I walk in the room😊