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Thread: VoIP through voice patch panel

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    Default VoIP through voice patch panel

    Hello all, I hope this is a relatively quick one to answer/advise

    I have a structure wiring (cat5e) setup in my house terminating at node 0 in the loft ending in a 24 port through-coupler.

    From there, cables are connected either into a 16 port giga-bit ethernet switch (connected to router/adsl) for network usage, linked to allow for KAT5 av-dist., or most recently into a wired voice patch panel for VoIP dist. (hopefully) ;>)

    Now, my router (Draytek 2800VG) contains the VoIP adapter such that regular analogue telephones can be connected to it.

    The router also came with a tailed adapter (RJ11 to BT) with "PBX master" on starts my confusion

    I need help understanding when to use the various RJ45<>BT adapters out there.......PABX Master, PSTN, Secondary etc.

    I basically want to connect my router/VoIP into the voice patch panel...ultimately going from RJ11 to RJ45.... my thoughts are ROUTER[RJ11 PBX adapter BT][BT phone cable BT][BT ??????? adapter RJ45]VOICE PATCH PANEL

    What kind of adapter is the [BT ???????? RJ45] adapter in my schematic, and should I even be using the supplied PBX master adapter????

    Then what adapter do I use at each telephone point? I will be connecting Analogue Telephones and Sky - but not fax as it's not great over VoIP.

    I hope this makes sense...and any advice is greatly appreciated



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    Am I right in assuming you want to use rj45 to rj11 line in adaptor and still get voip?

    If the phones are Poe that is not going to happen I'm afraid , surely the voip phones have rj45 connection direct to them

    I would look for the correct " adaptor " lead to go from your rj45 wall outlet to the punouts on you handset

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