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Thread: Failed System Change alert

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    Default Failed System Change alert

    I've been getting several email alerts warning of a failed remote system change, not every time but perhaps 20%:

    "Dear user,

    We would like to notify you that your attempt to remotely implement a change to the system in the following location failed at 11/29/2017 15:09:27"

    I have IFTTT proximity set and the times correspond to the trigger time plus 1 hour, as the notification is set in the app to email after 1 hour.

    Despite the warnings everything seems to be working fine and the setup hasn't changed for several weeks.

    Just curious to know if anyone else has been experiencing the same.

    Mine's the non-wifi model incidentally.

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    Yes, this morning I had lots. I had changed the temperature individually in a number of zones. Within a few minutes I got the same message you have received for each zone I had adjusted, yet before the message arrived, all HR92s had changed to the desired setting. Thus the system was sending out bum info. This has happened before but not very often. I can only assume it is at the server end.

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