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Thread: Minimum Temperature - sledom occupied spare room & en-suite bathroom?

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    Especially in an UNOCCUPIED room. It really doesn't matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FullBore View Post
    I have been giving the issue of the minimum temperature for seldom occupied rooms some thought.

    what is the best temperature to set as "permanent" in these rooms whilst they are unoccupied?

    What do you do?
    Why do you need to heat unoccupied rooms at all? You would only get condensation if the air in the room is warmer than the walls and the windows, and the moisture in that warm air will then condense out. If the air is as cold as the walls and windows, there will be no condensation. So you would only need to heat the room if there is a steady draught bringing warm moist air into the cold room.

    I do get condensation but it is in the occupied heated rooms where people breathe and create moisture that condenses on the cold windows. I have several unused guest rooms where I have the manual TRVs turned off and I don't get any condensation in them even though they feel bitterly cold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan_Robinson View Post
    Don't mistake overshoot for thermal gain from adjacent rooms.
    I agree with this. On my graphs, it is clear that certain bedrooms that are set to 16 during the day, have temperature spikes that correspond with other zones (e.g. hallway) that *are* still enabled.

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