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We are looking tight to deploy this out in the original time frame indicated.
So we have agreed with the product team to collate the MAC address of our community friends who want to get access to live beta of the newer firmware. This offer is only being placed with members & readers of this forum.

This is beta firmware, if you choose to have it pushed to you then, you understand that this is beta firmware and that any support issues arriving will be best endeavours.
There are some on this forum who are beta users already and we have a high confidence level in the performance of the FW, however deployment in a proper manner takes time.

If you wish to have the newer beta FW and understand the above then do the following

1) Send your MAC address to the following email address FAI@honeywell.com
2) Put in the subject heading evohome FW beta
3) Put in the body email your MAC address AND username you login to TCC/App with
5) Closing date for this is Friday 15th (sorry for short window)

When we get full release - unless there are any changes - then your version will not change
Didn't get an email notification of any new posts on the forum and have only just checked back online. Gutted I've missed the cut off for this as I would have been all over getting beta FW