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Thread: FOR SALE: Fuji 510

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    Default FOR SALE: Fuji 510

    I've still got a Fuji 510 sitting round doing nothing. Includes stylus, upgraded memory, power supply.

    If any one want to give me 70 + 10 P&P I'll get it on it's way to you special delivery the very next day. If no one wants it at that price I might be willing to let it go at the best offer in a week or two - let me know how much you want to pay.


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    Default Re: FOR SALE: Fuji 510

    Thanks for the reminder :-)

    Once Steve's has gone I've also got one lying around - same spec.

    Keep meaning to put it on Ebay but never get around to it.

    I'm in Guildford if anyone wants to save on P&P otherwise I'll have to dig out suitable packing materials.


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