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Thread: The synergy: bus-based solutions and the IoT. Bringing together the future of homes?

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    Default The synergy: bus-based solutions and the IoT. Bringing together the future of homes?

    Dear Smart Home users,

    We are starting this thread to open a debate with you guys.

    For the past few months, we were heavily engaged in multiple Smart Home forums, debating about technical configurations, best use-cases and the future of Smart living.

    Our Voice Control product received many comments - all of them were heard loud and clear. Many of them are already incorporated into our products. Some of them will be.

    So, today, we are delighted to announce we are adding an On-Premise extension [] to our portfolio.

    The On-Premise extension is bringing an additional layer of security on one side and on the other side it is also presenting a huge opportunity for expanding functionalities.

    A possible vision of the future and where to go next we’ve shared in this article [en: and now we would love to include you in the process.

    To pick your brains a little bit - what do you see in the perfect Smart Home of the future? Is it a marriage between bus-based solutions and the world of IoT gadgets? How is the Smart Home supposed to adapt to you through different lifestyles and phases of life? How can we simplify our Smart homes?

    We are looking forward to hearing your opinion - this will help us create better products tailored to your needs. At the same time, we would like to thank you for your support - and for making sure that tomorrow happens today!

    The Voxior


    We are consolidating all of our forum communication in a single thread: Voxior - New Features and Updates

    Please follow us there for news on development updates, plans, beta program announcements and product usage tips.

    As always, our team is happy to hear your input.

    The Voxior Team
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