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The link you sent does provide half the answer I was looking for, but I do not think it covers the question with regards to the independence or otherwise of the actuators in the same zone (room) that are not the "Master"

Does the master provide control over all the other actuators in that zone, or do the other actuators still turn off and on the rad based on their own reading of the temperature. If they do operate independently in terms of measuring temp and controlling their own radiator, what is the purpose of the Multizone option in parameters. Thanks again for helping me get to the bottom of this one.
Single Zone - Temperature measured at the master and then controls other actuators. As if you had an additional sensor such as a T87RF measuring the temperature in the room instead of a HR92 due to the HR92s being inaccessible (E.g. being behind radiator covers and can't read the temp) it would then control all the HR92s the same.

Multi Zone - for when you have possibly multiple rooms in one zone (Due to the 12 zone limit). So for instance Hallway and landing. The temperature is then measured at each HR92 and the valve controlled accordingly to the demand at that valve. The temperature on the EvoHome panel is that of the first HR92 bound.

I use multizone even when I have multiple radiators in one room, as I want the HR92s to measure and adjust accordingly to that location. For instance, I have kitchen/dinning in one. At the kitchen end it can get quite warm with cooking, at the dinning end it can be cooler. By using Multi zone it ensures that the room is maintained at 21oc at both ends.

Anyway that is my understanding of the settings, from what I have read and my experience.