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    Hi all,
    I am about to move house and am looking at what i want in terms of av distribution, I think i have decided on a loftbox for tv/fm/dab distribution with sky+ but i was wondering if anyone knows of a good solution for getting the ps2 hooked up to such a system. Obviously the pads would need a face place connection in the other rooms.

    I also want to get a multi room audio system such as the bose lifestyle 50. I love the remote that comes with this system because its RF and will display things like track info, are there any alternatives to this system with such a good UI ?


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    A few guys are using wireless RF controllers for their Xboxes - might be an idea for your PS2 control.


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    If you want to use a loftbox to distribute your PS2, then you will to add a RF modulator to the system which are widely available. You just need to connect the AV outputs from the PS2 to the modulator. The RF output from this will then be mixed with the loftbox for display on a TV set tuned to the modulators TV channel.

    Can't help much with the pads though. I would have thought a multicore cable looped from the PS2 Joystick ports to several rooms with wall plates may work BUT long cable runs could be a real problem.

    Although distribution of Sky+ etc is acceptable via RF, I personally would use direct composite /S-Video video and audio distribution for quality. This you can just send down co-ax cable or CAT5 cable with special converter boxes and plug in to the TV's SCART or A/V input sockets.

    As for multi-room audio, there are many ways to provide this. The bose lifestyle looks a good out-of-the-box solution but it all depends on what you want to achieve, what you want to control and how deep you want to get.

    I run a home automation software package called Homeseer which has a built in webserver. With this and associated hardware, you can control virtually anything you like including lighting, telephone, IR control, multi-zone amplifiers, inputs & outputs etc.

    Because of the webserver, you can use a small PDA, touch tablet etc with a WiFi or bluetooth connectivity on a home network and use the provided or write your own web pages to control anything - lights, security, Hi-fi etc. The beauty of the system is that you can customise it as your system grows and have as many PDA's as you like on the wireless network.

    So with a multi-zone amplifier and various sources, you can easily achieve a similar set-up. As a taster, how about when the phone or doorbell rings, the whole house audio drops its volume and in the case of the door bell, the security camera on your front door switches to you TV set?

    There are several audio playback devices available and many people now store their music on PC so there is no more multi-changer CD units required. Devices such as the Audiotron can playback both MP3 files and WAV files so there is no loss in quality if this is an issue. It can even play Internet radio stations if you have a ADSL broadband connection. These devices also have a web browser so you can see what is being played, what's being played next, genre, artist, playlists etc etc. There is even software out there which displays the album cover when it plays.

    This just gives you one view of how things can be done but there are many other ways to provide what you seek.

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