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Thread: Kitting out the whole house

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    Default Kitting out the whole house

    OK............I know this is ANOTHER one of those questions but I have just spent 20 mins reading through past posts and ain't found the answer I am looking for :roll:

    Basically, I am hoping to move into my first home soon with my fiancee. Now, I have always dreamed of having an automated home. I don't want everything automated, but would like to have a central control (touch screen monitor on a wall) that I am assuming would be linked to a computer. From this monitor, I would then like to be able to control the heating, preset lighting timer (for when on holidays) and also control the Digital TV / DVD / Music for each room. Now, I am assuming that there would be a central hub that would outsource everything to the various rooms - am I correct?

    If you were to kit your home out as above, how much would it cost roughly in the UK? I know that prices vary according to equiptment, but roughly..................?

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    Default Re: Kitting out the whole house

    That question is a bit like saying how much does a car cost.
    Do you want structured wiring (normally Cat5 or better) see, they do have a UK dealer click on home multimedia networking.
    X10, C-Bus or EIB or other system for the lights and appliances.
    Homevision Controllers from CSI can connect directly to a CorAccess touchscreen without the need of a computer. Homevision are at CorAccess are at . Take a look at their companion 8 screen. This does require a modified version of the software but CSI provide this free of charge.
    Xantech also do a range of touchscreens, that send out IR signals and or RS232. (I'm looking at using one in my house).
    If you go the Pc route then there are the Viewsonic Airpanels I aslo use one of these, to control my HomeVision COntroller, with the modified version of the CorAccess program very cool. And being wireless I can walk around the house with it. It acts like a wireless monitor.
    Do you require telephone and or internet control of your house.
    Do you want a cctv set up.
    Do you want a security system integrated into the Home automation setup.
    Hope this hasn't confused you. But depending on your requirements etc will depend alot on the price.

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    Default Re: Kitting out the whole house

    Many thanks for the reply Toscal.

    At present, I don't even own my home. Nonetheless, I am looking to buy a property that needs renovating and during the renovation process, install the home automation stuff.

    With regards to whether I want structured wiring or not, I don't know. My brother is an electrician and subsequently, this would reduce the labour costs wouldn't it?

    Ideally, I want a touch screen panel that controls the alarm system, the CCTV system, the internet, media (TV / Music / DVD)...the world at my fingertips basically

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