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Thread: Monitoring SmartMeter usage

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    Default Monitoring SmartMeter usage

    I've recently had SmartMeters installed by ovo at home, and previously I was using LoopEnergy to loosely monitor usage, for which I was using the pyloopenergy library to get the data from the loop service. Given that the GasLoop device doesn't work on the new smartmeter, I was looking into ways of monitoring usage for both the SmartMeters directly, so being more accurate than what Loop was providing.

    Did a bit of reading up, and found some information on how SmartThings connects & gets data, so went about trying to get something into a quick python script to connect to ovo & get the information. So far I've got it reading the current 'live' consumption, as well as previous aggregated data, and works quite well:

    [vagrant@vagrant]$ ./
    Getting readings for GAS meter with mpan 7********4:
      Estimated Annual Usage is 7144 M3
      Current Demand    : 4.886 KW
      Current Cost/Hour : 0.1578178
      Past 10 Minutes of Data:
        [2017-12-13 11:33:00] Demand 8.4674 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.27349702)
        [2017-12-13 11:34:00] Demand 5.615 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.1813645)
        [2017-12-13 11:35:00] Demand 5.615 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.1813645)
        [2017-12-13 11:36:00] Demand 7.0057 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.22628411)
        [2017-12-13 11:37:00] Demand 9.9064 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.31997672)
        [2017-12-13 11:38:00] Demand 7.4738 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.24140374)
        [2017-12-13 11:39:00] Demand 5.0192 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.16212016)
        [2017-12-13 11:40:00] Demand 4.5948 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.14841204)
        [2017-12-13 11:41:00] No Data Available
        [2017-12-13 11:42:00] No Data Available
    Getting readings for ELECTRICITY meter with mpan 1***********3:
      Estimated Annual Usage is 7091.1 KWH
      Current Demand    : 0.567 KW
      Current Cost/Hour : 0.0798336
      Past 10 Minutes of Data:
        [2017-12-13 11:33:00] Demand 0.5389 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.07587712)
        [2017-12-13 11:34:00] Demand 0.5872 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.08267776)
        [2017-12-13 11:35:00] Demand 0.6686 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.09413888)
        [2017-12-13 11:36:00] Demand 0.5755 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.0810304)
        [2017-12-13 11:37:00] Demand 0.5762 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.08112896)
        [2017-12-13 11:38:00] Demand 0.5696 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.08019968)
        [2017-12-13 11:39:00] Demand 0.6102 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.08591616)
        [2017-12-13 11:40:00] Demand 0.6734 KW	(Cost/Hour 0.09481472)
        [2017-12-13 11:41:00] No Data Available
        [2017-12-13 11:42:00] No Data Available
    I am seeing periods though where there is no data available within ovo for set periods of time (the last 2 minutes seem to always be missing/not aggregated at the time of query) but I mean outside of that, I've had times where there is no data for a few minutes/hours which is annoying, so I'm investigating whether that's an issue with the IHD connecting to the meters & my wifi.

    Has anyone else looked into/created a way to interface with ovo to get this data themselves? I'd be interested to see what you may have come up with yourselves. My end goal from this is to feed this data into an influxdb instance, and allow me to visualise and monitor usage over time (and then further integrate this with my evohome install, so depending on cost and local environment analysis, try and help to further reduce my bills by enhancing how dynamically the heating is controlled/regulated)
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    Interesting stuff Paul. Are you talking directly to ovo's servers or the IHD ?

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    I'm talking to ovo's servers directly, the script logs in, retrieves the MPAN numbers for both electric & gas meters (it also verifies that the isSmart flag is set to true), and then pulls the current LIVE value (looks to update every 6 seconds) and also aggregated data for the previous 10 minutes.

    I'm yet to do a packet capture on the IHD to see how it communicated back, and also see what services (if any) are running on it, as so far a quick scan is showing nothing open on it.

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