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Thread: Evohome valve adapters

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    Default Evohome valve adapters - AD3?

    It turns out I have some sort of Drayton TRVs which are not compatible with the HR92... I thought they looked modern but apparently are the Drayton TRV2 - much wider screw-head.
    My order came with some adapters but not of a type useful to me. And looking on they say I need AD3 but they don't appear to stock it.

    I was really hoping to get this installed before Christmas, any ideas where I buy the damn things? I am googling and every system has its own adaptors but I am struggling to actually find how to buy them. Do I need a Honeywell one or something generic? I can't even find what thread the TRV2 uses to check a converter will fit the 30mm x 1.5mm used in HR92.
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    Have you tried this lot?

    Third item down if they actually have them...

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    Which adapter do you need??

    I bought several adapter packs to suit my radiators, so have lots of unused ones leftover :/

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