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Thread: Advice sought on heating setup for renovation

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    Default Advice sought on heating setup for renovation

    Good morning from a lurker

    I have read through many of the existing posts with great interest - I am currently undertaking a renovation of a house and would like the heating to be "smart" and would greatly appreciate some advice from the experience of this forum.

    I'll try to keep this short...

    • Previous home was small and we used Hive on a Worcester Combi for a single zone - worked just fin
    • New place will have wet underfloor heating in kitchen and rads elsewhere. Plus a log burner in the living room (not looking to include this in the smart setup...). It would be good to zone the two bedroom rads on the top floor and the living room rad (for when the fire is on).
    • Boiler (to be picked) will be modulating and connected to unvented for hot water supply

    My wish list is simply: modulating multi-zone control including UFH

    Systems considered:

    • Weissmann throughout (needs plumbing of upstairs rads to be on separate loop - not currently the case, but could be changed)
    • Any other OpenTherm boiler + proprietary smart controls (plumbing would still need updating and multizone not an option on first party controls, I believe... e.g. vSmart)
    • OpenTherm boiler + Nest/ Hive (does not modulate UFH, plumbing needs updating to zone top floor)
    • OpenTherm boiler + EvoHome (seems to be best solution)

    I also like the flexibility that EvoHome provides - i.e. easy to add more zones/ hot water control etc at later dates, but is this the right system?

    If I am to go down the route of EvoHome + OpenTherm boiler, then I'm a bit lost as for boiler choice. Of the "Big Three" my plumber has (rightly/ wrongly) mentioned: Weissmann are out (max temp issues over OpenTherm); Worcester are not open to third party OpenTherm controls, and I am not (yet) entirely comfortable of Vaillant+VR33.

    I appreciate this is more a discussion I should (and will) have with my plumber, but I'm keen to canvas views on OpenTherm system boilers.

    Thank you all very much in advance - looking forward to hearing your views.


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    What did you choose in the end? I'm looking at options myself

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