Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, and am posting because I'm interested in upgrading my house to "smart heating".
I have a pretty standard 3 channel setup in my house (Vaillant boiler, Horstmann controller, 2 radiator zones - upstairs and downstairs + HW).
I'd like to replace this with a smart system with TRVs on all the rads, whilst continuing to support all 3 channels.

I quite like the look of the Tado system, but looking at various reviews and install guides I can't see that any smart heating system other than Drayton officially supports 3 channels with TRVs (and for now Drayton seems a bit flaky).

From looking at some older posts on this forum I got slightly hopeful that Evohome may actually be able to support a 3 channel setup.
Can anyone offer any advice on this?

Many thanks