The last couple of months strange things have been happening on some of the HR92's around the house, I haven't yet caught him in the act but I think my 19 month old is "hacking" them and bypassing the local override.

I've finally got round to playing and I think he's "tapping" the HR92 and disconnecting the batteries for a moment. It doesnt seem to reboot and show the version number however the dial seems to activate and the temperature can be changed from 5 - 21 degrees, which in turn updates the temperature on the controller or any other HR92's in the same zone.

I've also found out if the batteries are removed (an extra hard "tap"?) and it reboots the HR92 and to default 20 degrees [Which seems a little high], and updates the controller / other HR92's in the zone. In either scenario the local override doesnt seem to kick back in until the controller does a scheduled temperature update.

Does anyone have any suggestions?