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Thread: Is there ANY reason to favour a HR91 over an HR92 other than price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBoy View Post
    not seen that one, is it like for like with their own controller box, RF Comms, etc?
    Itís reviewed on this very site. The is the first of 3 articles:

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    8 set points, 16 zones... Wish I'd known about this given my current need for a 13th zone, and literally just bought all my kit... Most of it isn't even fitted yet!

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    From my experience with Drayton over the years . (Especially their wireless stuff), Honeywell exceeds them on every level IMO. The only good thing Drayton ever did was the Lifestyle clocks, and that's about it. From what I've seen of the Drayton system it looks a bit messy and the panel doesn't look as easy to use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HenGus View Post
    If I was someone looking again for a new smart heating system for a house with 19 radiators, the difference in cost between the HR92 and a Wiser TRV (£39.99 from Screwfix) would give me a lot to think about.
    We now sell packs including HR91's that the equivalent HR92 price just can't touch -

    I know this is an old post but its still trending on Google for HR91's...

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    sorry offtopic but
    The EVOHOME Shop, one thing I have always wondered when looking at your site is why you don't offer an upgrade to the Honeywell evohome Connected Modulation Pack for say £50 in all your value packs, unless I have missed it somewhere. too late or me though.

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