I'm 100 miles from home, working away, and just received news that my toddler had pulled/knocked one of the HR92's in my house off the radiator valve leaving my daughters room with a radiator switched on fully and a distressed wife trying to sort out the situation. Now I'm not sure how much force a 14 month old can exert but I would expect not enough to rip a TRV off its body...not the case it seems

For as long as I've had the Evohome system, I have been perplexed about Honeywell's choice of plastic screw versus metal which most other manufacturers (even in the smart heating arena) are using. Plastic on metal in a screw design just sounds like it should have been thrown out at the design phase but alas it wasn't. Not only that, but from what I can gather, said plastic part isn't available as a spare and as such a damaged screw section means a total replacement.

Am I alone in my displeasure at this design? I can't be the only one who has suffered the loss of a HR92 due to accidental damage to the screw section - I imagine a decent knock with a vacuum or similar could cause such damage.

And just to pick up on the spares issue - I would not mind so much paying for a replacement screw section, but I do have a problem when a £60 piece of kit is written off by damage to what must amount to pennies for the screw section. Having invested well over £1000 in my system, I expect some longevity, and that includes a) either being able to stand up to reasonable daily use (reasonable versus a "normal" TRV) or b) spare parts being available in the event of damage occurring.

Rant over