having used X10 for a number of years I am now looking to go to Philips Hue and compatible system. This is mainly due to the problems with dimming LED lights with X10, apart from that it does what we need.
We currently have an easy to use X10 RF remote control (HR10) to directly control the 6 lights in the lounge area plus a couple of macros. Going to Hue I realise that I can do this with a phone app but I really want a dedicated remote to do this rather than having to use a phone to do this. Is anyone aware of a remote that would replicate the functionality of the X10 one we have now? For example the INNR remote? Being new to this protocol I'm not sure what to look for yet! I also have an Echo Dot so voice control with this is another option I guess but a remote would be my first choice.
I'd be grateful for any help and suggestions while I get up to speed with this new kit.