I currently have:

Honeywell Evohome for central heating
Eaton (Scantronic) alarm system
Amazon Echo (Alexa)

I want to add some more home automation. In particular I want to be able to use Alexa to run a hot water circulation pump that we have. The pump pumps hot water round a circuit to prevent running off lots of cold water before the hot comes through. It is currently on a time switch but I want to be able to get Alexa to run it on voice demand instead, so that it runs for a pre-set time and turn off, or even better use a pipe thermostat to turn it off.

Looks like LightwaveRF LW830 offers some of the functionailuty but I would need a control hub (not currently got one). Are there any alternative solutions? Not wed to LightwaveRF as not got any of their other kit. Any advice welcome.