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Thread: Opentherm to EMS gateway

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    From my experience of these "man in middle" devices (I too use a VR33 on my Vaillant) is that you are completely dependent on the OT translation implementation within that device.
    e.g. I have noticed a strange behaviour when I query the outdoor temperature via my OT gateway. Whereas that same data point is fine on the native eBUS side. This can only mean the VR33 is screwing things up in the middle.

    Having said that, when it works, it works brilliantly.

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    hi @zxdavb any chance you could share some photos or wiring diagram please. I think someone said I may not have set it up correctly on the evohome controller rather than wired it wrong. Did you treat it as a fresh install on the controller and start from scratch?

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    I saw this thread when it started and have just come across it again. Pleased to see it has some updates.

    @zxdavb, I'd love to know if you noticed any benefits or got the improvements you hoped for?

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