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Thread: Hot water incorrect on iPhone app

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    Default Hot water incorrect on iPhone app

    Has anyone noticed anomalies relating to hot water control on the Evohome iPhone app recently ?

    I'm sitting at work and noticed that the iPhone app says ON for hot water at 4:11pm even though the schedule says it is not due to come on until 5:30pm. It also doesn't seem to be heating up as it has said 41 for the last half hour since I first noticed this. Pretty sure if I was home at the moment the controller would say hot water is off.

    It seems to be a problem with the Honeywell API as well not just the iPhone app - because if I check my Evohome graphs (which poll the API) they claim that my hot water has been continuously "on" since 5am this morning - which is not true. It came on at 5am this morning as it should and went off around 7:30am. I clearly remember seeing the hot water icon being blue when I left for work yet the on/off status graph claims it never went off. The measured temperature graph shows a steady decline in temperature through the day as you would expect when it is off, it is only the on/off status that seems to be wrong.

    I also remember noticing last week when I was trying to override the hot water to turn it on and off from the iPhone app that the iPhone app was always reporting the hotwater was on even after I had just overriden it to be off! (But the controller correctly showed it to be off)

    Here is my hot water graph, the blue line is the "setpoint" (really just hot water on/off status, since that's all the API provides) and the green line is measured temperature.


    I notice a gap in the graph around the time when the hot water was scheduled to go off - a gap usually means a loss of communication with the honeywell API from my graphing application suggesting a connectivity problem to the servers but as far as I'm aware I had no internet outage this morning nor did I get the usual email from honeywell to say contact with the servers from the evotouch was lost.

    Anyone from Honeywell aware of this problem with reported hot water on/off status ?
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    Yep I have had the same issue all day. Both the Android App and the web interface both show HW as on when it isn't. I have confirmed this on the controller. Also it seems that some overrides to schedules etc are taking a while to filter through if made through the App/web.
    I also had other issues last week, where the App/web was indicating a HR92 zone was active when it should not have been. Controller was correct and it was not active.

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    I have just posted a new thread re problems using an iPad compared to an iPhone. Wonder if there is a connection with the issues in this thread?

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