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Thread: evohome - What shedule do you use ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by G4RHL View Post
    When it fails don’t panic. Mostly parts are available and usually simple to replace yourself. If messing about with the gas supply then it’s a no as then the regulations in the U.K. dictate you have to be registered to meddle. I thought I was Corgi registered because I had Corgi cars to play with as a child but apparently that’s something different.
    If you read the regulations very carefully, they don't actually prohibit someone who is not gas safe registered from working on their own system.

    They do prohibit you from doing the work on behalf of a company who performs such work for paying customers, and also for doing the work yourself (self employed) for someone else for payment. In other words doing the work for payment or as a commercial activity or job. But it is not against the regs to do the work for yourself in your own home any more than it is against regulations to rewire a 3 pin socket yourself.

    I'm sure Dan will be along shortly to tell me I'm wrong, but seriously, check the exact wording of the regulations.

    I'm not suggesting its a good idea, nor do I endorse it. And whilst I think I could do the work myself safely with the right tools, (some way to test for leaks properly afterwards is my main concern) I still choose not to touch or work on gas lines myself because I don't want to get involved in it. I'll stick to the plumbing and electronics side thank you very much.
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    Ta. Yes I had assumed the gas point and not bothered to check it first! Ought to have done. The electricity ones I looked at a long time ago and one day must refresh my brain. I know there used to be an odd provision in them in that I can change a socket, light switch etc. myself, but if it is my bathroom or kitchen that is being refitted I can’t, yet after the refit I am allowed to change a socket. None of it is rocket science - other than wiring up all the controls for central heating! But then taking it slowly and logically, and doing what we males are prone not to do - RTFB - it is OK.

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    My first house was new and the gas had to be checked before the meter was connected. The inspection for leaks included a lighted match and I was shown a joint with a flame coming from it. After that demonstration of professional work, I did a few of my own gas jobs, having them checked by Corgi registered people, never had a problem. Also had useful advice from BG technical department at times. Would not bother these days, to much hassel

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    Quote Originally Posted by nigethechap View Post
    We have a wood burning stove in the lounge. I'm just worried i'm over using the heating.
    What do you guys think to this schedule ?

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    We have an open chimney in our lounge, but I just set the Y87RF to a standard 21deg. If the chimney heats the room ok the radiators simply donít come on . For me Evohome is more about comfort and controllability than saving money, although the ability to easily turn on/off and reprogram zones does provide a fair amount of savings. Previously I would have been too lazy to wonder around the house and reset each TRV manually.

    Your active room temperatures would be mighty cold for me ❄️❄️❄️

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