Can you set up a zone that only has a T87RF and no HR92?

Has anyone got experience with this? Will it (as I hope) still cause the controller to call for heat via the BDR91?

The reason why I want to do this is to set a bypass radiator according to the time of day.

Zone 1: Main room of house - Control unit as thermometer - 2 rads, 1 with HR92, one with a timed TRV
Zone 2: Bed room (with external walls that gets cold very easily) - T87RF as thermometer - 1 rad with a timed TRV

Using a timed (programmable) TRV, I can set a radiator to bypass mode (i.e. T=28C on TRV) or closed (T=5C). During the day/evening, I would have the Zone 1 rad open (acting as a bypass rad), during evening/nighttime I would open Zone 2.

If I can't set up Zone 2 as above, I will have a HR92 that is not connected to any radiator.

Anyway, before I 'break' my existing setup I thought I'd check with anyone who had any experience to share...