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Thread: Sexy switches (Cbus edlt style?!)

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    Default Sexy switches (Cbus edlt style?!)

    Hi all,
    Iím after some sexy switches with clear labelling to handle things like scenes, music, (probably other bits) controlled through indigo. So looking for something that has physical buttons and a display ideally that can simply send commands either Lwrf, zwave or http that indigo could pick up and do things as a result.

    Anything out there that anyone has seen that iíve Missed?!!


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    There doesn't seem to be anything as good as Clipsal's eDLT, most of their competitors are using small phone-like touchscreens for their high-end switches, but reaching out for a hard button is so much easier than looking at a touchscreen to find the right part of the screen to touch.

    If you have the IT skills, then building a touchscreen might be the best way to get the right appearance without the cost of C-Bus ?

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