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Thread: New Products and Gateway-Integrations from Voxior

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    Default New Products and Gateway-Integrations from Voxior

    Dear AutomatedHome Users,

    We are happy to release some major news about the Voxior Platform.

    1. Voxior Link - Public Beta

    Voxior Link is a software installed on the Raspberry Pi device and connected to server inside the local network. It provides an additional layer of security and also stores credentials locally.

    At the same time Voxior Link will serve as an enabler for two additional products we will be launching soon:
    *IoT marketplace (Coming in March - at first, we will be providing Philips Hue, Sonos & Logitech Harmony integrations. After that new integrations will be added based on user requests)
    * Remote Access solution (Network security product coming by the end of March). It will enable outside connection to your server without the need for Port-Forwarding or VPN)

    Apply for the beta on the Voxior Link page.

    2. New Integrations - Public Beta

    We are happy to announce we are extending our family of supported Gateways:
    *KNX IP Router - explore the integration here.
    *Weinzierl BAOS 777 - Apply for Beta here.

    Our team is looking forward to hear your feedback about the products.

    At the same time, do not hesitate to propose any IoT devices you would like to see on the platform in the future. We will make sure to add them to the marketplace as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your support!


    We are consolidating all of our forum communication in a single thread: Voxior - New Features and Updates

    Please follow us there for news on development updates, plans, beta program announcements and product usage tips.

    As always, our team is happy to hear your input.

    The Voxior Team
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