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Ok. That will just be the well known problem where set point changes are sometimes reverted by the HR92's hourly set point broadcast.

Had that happen to me a couple of days ago - we had a visitor staying the night in the living room, which is scheduled to go from 20.5 degrees to 5 degrees at 11pm, at about 11:30 they were ready for bed, the zone set point had already gone to 5 but the room was still warm of course, I used my phone to set a 19 degree override until 9am the following morning for them then went to bed myself.

The next morning I came down to find the living room sitting at 15 degrees with a 5 degree set point and a manual override end time of 9am. Argh.... Their radiator had been off all night because the set point reverted back to 5 degrees just a few minutes after I changed it and I wasn't around to notice. I even see the evidence of it in my graph where the set point briefly went up to 19 then back down to 5 just a few minutes later.

Will we ever see this problem fixed I wonder... For me, it's been there (very infrequently) ever since the very first firmware update that added local override display, over 2 years ago.
We had this problem during install. It drove us nuts and the installer! We also had the "Ghost Zone" problem. It only finally got fixed when Honeywell support deleted the location and the , pushed the latest firmware and the installer rebuilt evrything.

its not returned so far..