Several people have posted about comms errors with the CS92 here, and yet again this morning no hot water because of a comms error that occurred at 3am and wasn't resolved until batteries were taken out and reinstated at 6.50am.

I've tried the method of making sure the contacts on the back of the pcb are sound. The sensor is nowhere near any metal or wires, and it is in the next room to the controller and gets an excellent signal.

This is plain and simple an error in the software used by the CS92 and or the controller.

Quite frankly when Honeywell can spend their time adding pretty pictures of flames to the screen to tell you when the boiler is firing or hot water is on, but keep silent on the fact the CS92 has an inherent fault and not bother updating it, it tells me all I need to know about their attitude to the product.

Come the spring I'll most likely be removing the hot water function from Evohome and reverting back to a fixed timer and a smart controlled immersion heater. Honeywell have known about this issue for years and simply ignored it.

I shall also be doing research on other smart heating controls and or zwave controlled radiator valves with a view to ripping the entire Evohome system out.

I've been an advocate of Evohome and demonstrated it's benefits to any visitors to the home that ask about the controller when they see it sat on the side, but no longer. This is just pathetic.