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Thread: Evohome - srange goings on with DHW

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    Default Evohome - srange goings on with DHW

    Hi all,

    Hopeing someone can answer this... the DHW part of my parents Evohome system has been playing up over the last few months. At first we thought it was a dead relay box, so replaced that and it seemed to improve a bit, but now is as bad as ever. The DHW wireless relay will sporadically show a red light, and need to be reset.

    Now, I have gone onto his iPhone app, and there seems to be something strange about the DHW - there are two icons (see photos) for DHW, wheras on mine I only have one. He has the usual one showing the current temp and whether DHW is on or off, but there is also a "Zone" showing the set temperature for water?

    IMG_5289.jpg IMG_5290.jpg

    I have done a complete factory restore of the evohome, started from scratch, paired everything again, all zones etc, but its still there on the app. Very strange, and too much of a coincidence for my liking.

    What do you think?



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    Delete the location from the account management screen on the Honeywell website.

    Then relink the location.

    The two hot water zones have nothing to do with the comms issues.
    Kind Regards - Dan Robinson (Jennings Heating Ltd)

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