I have my EvoHome system with 8 HR92s for 4 zones since November. My plumber hooked up the wireless receiver to our heater, but all the rest I did myself (as my plumber is old-fashioned an has no experience whatsoever with EvoHome). I'm an IT guy, so what can go wrong
I had some difficulties at first, but I managed to work most things out.

The strange thing that's still left is that the 4 HR92s for my living room zone don't turn open the valves equally. They do work in sync, so open/close at the same time, but the percentage they open is not the same. Eg: 2 open 10%, the 3rd opens 20%, while the 4th opens 30%.
At first the 2 HR92 that always open more than the other 2 where connected to the 2 smallest radiators in the room. I had to switch them around to be able to properly heat the room.

So now I have the 2 HR92s that open most on our 2 biggest radiators, and the 2 that open least on the smallest radiators.
Problem solved, but still... I find it odd they're not all on the same %.
Anyone an explanation? Or can I still reconfig something?