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Thread: C-Bus C Touch monochrome screen

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    Default C-Bus C Touch monochrome screen

    I'm now using xAP as my touchscreen interface and so I have a C-Bus C-Touch screen spare. This is the monchrome screen with electro luminescent backlight and has latest firmware version (hardware 0.9 / firmware 2.2). I played with this but never installed it so it's in as new condition. I also have both the white and 'Neo' style faceplate included. Aside from the obvious touch control/feedback the C-touch unit offers scene control and a realtime clock for scheduled events, plus an IR receiver and remote control.

    New these are 760 RRP (+14 xtra cover) - looking for offers over 400.


    more info...

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    Im not sure if you still frequent this forum but out of interest did you try to use the C-Touch to control the homevision unit. i.e. can groups be set up on c-bus so that homevision reads a scene selection as a command over the RS-232 interface?



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